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CBS insanity is breaking out everywhere

First we had the CBS affiliate in Anchorage, Alaska, dreaming up ways to make a Joe Miller press conference look bad. Now we have CBS News, the main guys, not an affiliate, give a crowd estimate for the Colbert-Stewart rally that was more than twice their ridiculous estimate of 87,000 for Glenn Beck’s rally on Aug. 28.

Charlie Martin at Pajamas Media deconstructs the CBS absurdity in an excellent column today, and he does it scientifically, not with a ouija board:

The Beck rally covered roughly 2.4 million square feet and by AirPhotosLive’s own photographs large parts of that area were packed as densely as any overhead picture of Stewart/Colbert. The Stewart/Colbert rally had, at most, about 6/10th the space — 1.62 million square feet vs. 2.4 million. For it to have had that many people, they would have had to be packed about 6.7 times more densely than the densest parts of the Beck crowd.

Not a chance. Not even if they were packed in olive oil.

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